South American Trip Reports

A three-week Birdquest trip in August 2000 with 10 other birders (including 2 leaders) from sites in the Andean provinces of Salta and Jujuy, across the Chaco to the Ibera Marshes and sites in Missiones in the north east where we ended at Iguazu National Park with its fantastic falls.
442 species were recorded personally.    B Wetton

An independent four week trip in August 1995, including a week at Yuturi on the Napo River in Amazonian forest, sites in the Andes such as Mindo, Tinalandia, Cotopaxi, the Banos-Puyo and Gualaceo-Macas Roads, Pacific coastal sites near Machalilla and to Isla de la Plata and other sites.
401 species of birds and 11 mammals were recorded.     B Wetton

Pat and I went with Toucan Tours to SE Peru in August 2003. Toucan Tours run the trip in conjunction with Manu Expeditions. The main tour covered the Mountains and Forests of Manu but we added an extension to visit Machu Picchu and Abra Malaga. Our leader was Huw Lloyd who we found to be excellent. The logistics of the whole tour, including the accommodation and transport were also very good. On the main tour there were only 7 people and there were only 3 of us on the extension. We saw a total of 561 species of birds and heard another 48. It was quite mind-blowing to try to assimilate so many species even though we'd already been to the neo-tropics on four previous occasions.    B Wetton

Brian and Pat Wetton joined a trip to Chile in October 2008. It was led by Steve Bird and Gina Nichol of Birdseekers with the able assistance of Roberto Donoso of Fantastico Sur. We saw 274 species of birds and 15 species of mammals. The logistics were very good with comfortable hotels and transport throughout. Other members of the tour were Olga Aardoom, John Ashworth, Anthony Bennett, Gordon Ellis, Chris Fogg, Adrian Hayworth, Erica & Richard Klim and David Todd.    B Wetton

South East Brazil:
Brian and Pat Wetton joined the Birdseekers trip to Serra dos Tucanos in the Atlantic Rain Forest of South East Brazil in October 2009.
We combined the trip with one to the Pantanal. Our guides were Andy Foster who owns the lodge at Serra dos Tucanos and Birdseekers leaders Steve Bird and Gina Nichol. Other members of the tour were Dave Carr and Jude Rutherford , Maurice Ewart, Alan Fordham, Harry Keble, Mike and Julie Lockyear, Malcolm Pittam and David Todd. Serra dos Tucanos is an excellent centre for birding the area and provides good accommodation. Andy is a first class guide and the domestic arrangements are well run by his wife Cristina. We personally saw 251 species of birds and heard a further 11. We also saw 5 species of mammals. All this in a week with several days of heavy rain!     B Wetton

Brazilian Pantanal:
Following our trip in October 2009 to South-east Brazil's Atlantic Rain Forest, we went on to Birdseekers other Brazil trip to the Pantanal in Matto Grosso in south west Brazil near the border with Bolivia. The trip included 5 days down the Transpantaneira south from Cuiaba followed by two days in the Serra das Araras north-west of Cuiaba and two days north-east of Cuiaba in Chapada dos Guimaraes on the edge of the Brazilian Plateau. Our guides for this tour were Miguel Castelino of Trogon Tours and Steve Bird and Gina Nichol of Birdseekers. Chico Tours provided an air-conditioned coach and excellent driver, Manoel. The accommodations at Santa Tereza, Hotel Porto Jofre, Curritiba das Araras and Pousada do Parque were all very good. Other trip members were 'Dicky' and Doreen Bird, Maurice Ewart, Derek Larner, Leslie Raven and David Todd. We saw 291 species of birds and heard another 8. We also saw 17 species of mammals and many reptiles, amphibians, butterflies and other insects. An altogether great trip.
B Wetton

From 27th November to 16th December 2010, Brian and Pat Wetton visited Colombia with Sunrise Birding. Their tour leaders were Gina Nichol and Steve Bird. Their bird guide for the first two weeks was Diego Calderon and for the last five days was Wally Maury. Thanks to them all for an excellent trip in the very difficult circumstances of a La Nina year in which Colombia suffered excessive rainfall causing many landslides and floods some of which inevitably affected the itinerary and comfort of birding. They nevertheless recorded 522 species of birds including 490 seen, many being endemics and "lifers".
B Wetton

Brian and Pat Wetton joined the Zoothera trip in 2015 to Guyana. It was lead by Ron Allicock with the assistance of his wife Marissa and was a great trip. Fellow birders were Olga Aardoom, Rob Carr and Andy Sims. Brian and Pat personally saw 361 species of which 84 were lifers; not bad for our twelfth Latin American trip!
Brian and Pat Wetton