Saligao Zor

I visited this site only once with the objective of seeing the Brown Wood Owls that roost there. It is possible to drive by taxi directly up to the Zor as shown in Harris. To find the Owls walk round the back of the Zor and up the hillside up a very narrow path, which started over the top of a pile of rubbish and discarded vegetation whilst we were there. When the path takes a sharp right the Owls were in a tree directly above us. It is best using the services of a taxi driver such as Abhi to find the birds, as he knows the site well.
We didn't walk up the hillside as the species to be found here were easier at other sites.
Abhi John & Len Len and Stan, my birding companions for several days, visited Saligao Zor whilst I was out Bartering for Christmas presents on the local market one afternoon and narrowly missed a Rufous-bellied Eagle which was spotted by Abhi and seen by another observer.

Woolly-necked Stork
Saligao Zor
Abhi knew of a Brown Fish Owl site close to Saligao village. We had a fleeting flight view of one of the Owls and saw many close views of common species such as Jungle Babbler, White-cheeked and Coppersmith Barbets all in the same tree. The area was also quite good for Raptors overhead.
On the way back to the hotel we saw two Woolly-necked Storks in a field quite close to this site.

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