Parshem Mudflats

Parshem Mudflats The first of Abhis secret sites we visited was called Parshem mudflats. I visited this site on returning to Baga from Morjim Beach one morning. However as the tide was in there was no mud exposed.
I therefore returned with Len that afternoon when the tide was out to find a causeway between a tidal river and mudflats to our right and a marshy wetland to our left. The main intention of this visit was to see Terek Sandpiper.

On walking along the causeway we had excellent views of many common waders with several Marsh Sandpipers amongst them, herons and raptors including White-bellied Sea Eagle. However on returning to the taxi we managed to find four Terek Sandpipers out on the mud.

An even better surprise was an adult River Tern in breeding plumage calling and flying out over the wetland area. On reaching the taxi at the end of our walk we were watching a Stork-billed Kingfisher when Abhi suddenly shouted woodpecker and pointed to a bird on the trunk of a palm tree close to the taxi. He had already got his bird book out so we knew it was something unusual. I quickly got the bird in my bins and to my surprise found I had an excellent view of a female White-naped Woodpecker, which I had previously been informed, was only to be found at Cotigao. Other birders visited the site the following day and the bird was still there.
Egrets Indian Pond Heron

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