Other Sites

The only sites of interest we visited other than those which are active on the main map of Lesvos were Dipi Larsos reed bed, Mytilini and the east coast of the island, which we did in a single trip. Dipi Larsos reed bed can be found at the northern end of the Bay of Gera. Turn off the main Kalloni to Mytilini road towards Plomari, continue past the cement works and park on the left side of the road near a Taverna. Walk along the road for approximately 100 yards and you will see a track leading off to your left. The gate here may be closed but it is not locked. Open the gate and walk towards the bay, ensuring you close the gate after passing through as there may be sheep grazing round the reed beds. Follow the path to the edge of the bay through a scrubby area with tamarisks. On reaching the bay turn left along the reeds for about 200 yards. You will see a track leading off to the left through the reed bed. This track will take you back round to the road.

North Coast & Mytilini

September is probably not the best time of the year to visit this extensive reed bed as the area was fairly quiet and the reed bed warblers are not singing. However, in the early morning we did manage to find Reed and Marsh Warbler and returning in the evening the whole area was host to over 1000 roosting Wagtails.

Further up the main road is a bridge over the river. There are tracks leading off to the right along both sides of the river. The river is bordered by scrub with areas of bramble, willow and poplars. This area was good for warblers and Nightingale.

Mytilini Castle

After a short walk at Dipi Larsos we headed into Mytilini. The town is not easy to drive through and it is advisable to find a parking place and walk. We followed signs to the airport and parked close to the harbour. There are some interesting museums and houses in the town but the castle was by far the most interesting place, mainly because we saw a Lesser Spotted Eagle soaring over the castle walls. Entrance to the castle was a modest 500 drachmas for two. Inside the castle grounds we also saw Buzzard and Chukar, the latter were calling from the delapidated ramparts. Other than birds, there were good numbers of butterflies on the rough area in the castle grounds including Swallowtail, Wall Brown. Large Grizzled Skipper and several species of Blues.

We next headed north out of Mytilini up the coast before returning to Skala Kalloni via Dipi Larsos. Birds were few and far between along the coast. However, just before the road leaves the coast to Madamados we found Sardinian Warbler in the scrubland beside the road.

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