The North Coast

On our visit to the north coast we headed towards Petra from Kalloni, then on to Molyvos (Mithimna), which is a very picturesque town with a castle at it's highest point. From Molyvos we travelled East along the coast to Sikaminia where we made a detour down to the costal village of Skala Sikaminias. The return journey was inland through Kapi, Pelopi and Stipsi just south of Mount Lepetimnos.

Molyvos and Skala Sikaminias

The main aim of visiting this area was in search of raptors. We were not dissapointed. The following were seen along the way: Short-toed Eagle (4), several Buzzards/Steppe Buzzards, Long-legged Buzzard (3), Goshawk (1) and Honey Buzzard (12). The majority of these birds were seen around the Molyvos area and near Sikaminia. On a previous day, Carol who we met in Skala Kalloni had seen a large unidentified eagle near Molyvos, which is where Andrew Cockroft had good views of a Lesser Spotted Eagle coming in off the sea. I think this area is a good raptor point due to it's proximity to the Turkish coast.


We stopped in a lay-by with two bench seats overlooking Sikaminia as several raptors came in off the coast towards the mountains. At this point a flock of at least 50 Bee-eaters flew down below us, onto some wires in the valley. Birding on the return journey was a little less fruitful with only a few common birds and several Cirl Buntings seen. The scenery was however, spectacular and driving through the narrow cobbled streets of the mountain villages was an interesting experience.

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