Gavathas Area

The best birdwatching in this area was along a reedy stretch of partially dried up river and farmland between Gavathas and Ancient Andisa. Follow directions from Skala Kalloni through the western uplands to Andisa, then take the minor road towards Gavathas on the coast. Just before reaching Gavathas take a right turn signposted to Kambos Beach. The road winds through some olive groves and the tiny village of Kambos. In Kambos you will reach a crossroads, which dips down into what appeared to be a dry river bed. Turn left into the river bed and continue on until the road runs parallel with the beach. This sandy track comes to a fork. Take the left fork along the edge of a small cliff and keep going to a sharp right hand bend. On rounding the corner you will see some fields to your right and a reedy area to your left. It is best to park at this point and walk along the track. Although this is not the only route into this area (see map below), we found it the easiest to follow due to the many tracks leading off into the olive groves in the area.

Gavathas to Ancient Andisa

Walking from the seaward end of the river, which at this point contained some water, you will see a large reed bed to your left and fields to your right. These fields were under irrigation at the time of our visit and thus contained a good number of birds including various Wagtail races, Shrikes, Pipits, Whinchat, Wheatears and a Short-toed Lark. On the wires over the fields we saw the only Roller of our trip. In the reeds to the left we saw Great Reed Warbler and a flock of Little Egrets flew along the river shortly followed by a juvenile Purple Heron. Previous to our trip to the area, Savi's Warbler had also been seen in the reed bed. Further up the track are some small farms where there are Plane Trees along the riverside and bordering the fields. In this area were large numbers of warblers, mainly Willow Warbler, but Chiffchaff and Eastern Bonelli's Warbler were also seen. Middle Spotted Woodpecker, Spotted Flycatcher, Redstart, Corn and Cirl Bunting and Golden Oriole were present in the trees and farmland to the right of the track and a single Curlew was seen feeding in the fields.

Near Gavathas

Where the main track crosses the dry river it is possible to continue walking along the right hand side of the river past some fairly lush farmland. There were some noisy small dogs by the farm but they were all chained up away from the track. Watching the hillside over to the right we saw Buzzard, Long-legged Buzzard and Honey Buzzard.

The land around the river was excellent for birdwatching and the local farmers with their donkeys were all extremely friendly, stopping work to wave or greet you as you passed by. I would not reccomend continuing further along the coast towards Skalachori as the road is arduous and the birding was very poor.

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