The Formentor Peninsula

The Formentor Peninsula can be reached by taking the road north-east out of Port de Pollenca, following the signposts and one way system carefully through the town.
The Formentor Peninsula is the eastern most section of the Tramuntana mountain range and includes several places of interest which are shown on the map below.

Formentor Peninsula Map
  1. The Bocquer Valley:
    On leaving Port de Pollenca, at the end of the one way system you will see the Oro Playa Supermarket immediately on your left. Turn left just after the supermarket and carry on up the road along the line of old pines. As the road turns right there is a gravelled area on which it is possible to park. A track leads up from this gravelled, area with an olive grove to your left. Follow the track up to the old Finca. Pass quietly through the Finca through two sets of gates and you will see two large stones. On passing between these stones you enter the Bocquer Valley.
    A leisurely walk to the cove at the end of the valley, bird watching along the way should take no more than 2 hours and is ideal for an evening stroll.
    Click here for more information on the Bocquer Valley.

  2. Postage Stamp Wood:
    From where you have parked at the base of the Bocquer valley, continue driving along the wide road for approximately 500 metres, past what looks like the beginning of a new construction site and you will see a small rectangular wood on your right. Park anywhere in this area and walk through the wood. Keep an eye on the hill to the left of the road for Raven and Peregrine.
    During my visit a short walk through the wood revealed large numbers warblers, flycatchers and other common migrants.

  3. Albercutx Mirador and Atalaya:
    View from the Mirador Continue towards the Cap Formentor until you reach a right hand turn with a parking area on boths sides of the road. From here it is possible to walk up to a view point overlooking some spectacular scenery along the coast. Audouin's Gulls could be seen at various points along the coast, including this spot. On turning right, drive up the winding road, taking care of the deep pot holes, up to the Atalaya d'Albercutx.
    Continue up the road as far as possible, park and continue on foot. A track passes a delapidated building up onto the ridge, where excellent views of the peninsula may be obtained. This is a good vantage point to watch for raptors and Blue Rock Thrush are in the area. From this vantage point we spotted two Black Vultures soaring down towards the lighthouse and back.

  4. Casas Veyas:
    Heading towards Formentor Hotel and beach from the mirador d'Albercutz, take a sharp left turn signposted to the lighthouse. You will pass through an area of pines and reach an open area with fig fields either side of the road. Unfortunately all the fields are private property and entry is prohibited. However, walking in the woods is permitted. It is worthwhile stopping and scanning the fields, even if you do not walk in the area. We took a short walk through one of the pine woods in the area where flocks of Crossbills allowed good close views and Firecrests could be heard. Whilst walking through one such wood we saw a lone falcon which proved to be a pale phase Eleonora's, my first of many.

  5. Cap de Formentor and Lighthouse:
    Formentor Lighthouse To reach the lighthouse, continue to the end of the road. Some of the scrubland areas along this road are more likely to be productive than the area around the lighthouse itself due to the large numbers of people visiting the lighthouse. If you find a free space to park along the road, stop and check the cliff edges and over the sea for Eleonora's Falcon and Shearwaters. On our visit to the lighthouse a single Spanish Wagtail flew over and several Eleonora's falcons soared around the sea cliffs.
    It will take approximately half a day to take a trip from Port de Pollenca to the Cap de Formentor, taking in a few stops and short walks along the way. However, if time permits a whole day could easily be spent in the area.

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