Durnalik, up the valley We visited Durnalik early in the morning after leaving Birecik on our way to the Aladag Mountains. Again following Gosneys directions the valley was easily found. We parked exactly as shown on the map and headed up the valley at around half past six in the morning. Many of the locals were already out working in the fields.
In the lower valley, mainly after the small stream off to the right we saw Chukar, Rufous Bushchat, White-throated Robin, Blue Rock Thrush, Upchers Warbler, Syrian Woodpecker, Woodchat Shrike, Red-backed Shrike and Sombre Tit.
Further up the valley where the path appears to fork we took the left hand fork over a saddle on the hillside. On this higher ground were Olive Tree Warbler in a small orchard, Great Rock Nuthatch were seen on the hillsides along with at least 20 Cinereous Buntings. The path we had taken eventually came to an area where piles of stones could be seen.

We sat in this area for a while looking over a small dip in the hillside. There were plenty of Black-eared wheatears in this area and after a while I spotted a single Red-tailed Wheatear. It is probably necessary to head for even higher ground to see more of these birds, but I was satisfied with this sighting. A little further up the track was a newly built road which appeared to come from the village as people in horse drawn carts and on donkeys were seen on the road along with a large lorry. I walked up the track to the edge of this road and saw a Pale Rock Sparrow at very close range feeding on the ground near one of the piles of stones.

After a successful mornings birding we headed back down the valley to continue our journey to the mountains.

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