Derbyshire Area

Derbyshire To reach the area known as Derbyshire, head east out of Kalloni towards Mytilini until you reach the far side of Kalloni Bay. Turn right along a sweeping bend signposted to Achladeri just before a large rocky outcrop. Beware of the local police, who seemed to set up speed traps regularly at this junction. I was not caught out here but on another trip to Dipi Larsos Reed Beds I was stopped for not wearing a seat belt, although I didn't see a single local wearing one. Fortunately the officer in shades decided to let me off.

You are now in Derbyshire, so called due to it's supposed resemblence to the Peak District, although I couldn't see it myself. During our visit the area was again mostly dry. However, from the road we saw three Black Kites over the pines and an Osprey fishing in the bay.

The main attraction of this area was Krupers Nuthatch. I had been reliably informed of a site for this bird by Martin who I had met several days previous near West River. The road winds round the coast passing two small army huts to the left of the road. Just before the second army hut, the larger of the two, is a gravel road off to the left. Take this road for approximately half a mile until reaching a fork in the road. Either park at this point and watch the large pine trees in the middle of the fork in the road or continue up the right hand fork for about two hundred yards where a small stream flows across the road.

Listen for the soft nasal call of the birds. We saw Krupers Nuthatch in both areas. Two or Three birds were seen in the trees around the fork in the road collecting pine seeds and hammering them into crevices in the tree bark and on two occasions a single bird was seen drinking in the stream by the road. The views on each occasion were stunningly close.
Krupers Nuthatch Site Other birds in the area were Great, Blue and Coal Tit, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch and Serin. Short-toed Eagles were present in the woods on both sides of the road. These could be heard calling above the woods. Middle Spotted Woodpeckers were evident and on one occasion I saw two woodpeckers which called like Great Spotted Woodpecker, only the call was a double note each time rather than a single call as in Britain. The views of these birds were not good and they were not positively identified.

The only draw back of the area is the army activity. On our third and last visit to this area several army lorries passed up and down the road and Krupers Nuthatch remained well hidden except for a brief fly by appearance. I would therefore, advise passing the area by if army activity is obvious, continuing perhaps to Polichnitos Salt Pans or Agiasos and returning when the area has quietened down.

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