The Dalyan Delta

Koycegiz Golu We planned a day trip to The Dalyan Delta and Koycegiz Golu, mainly to look for Smyrna and Pied Kingfishers. Our luck ran out well before reaching the areas of interest when I was stopped for speeding, apparently doing 80 in a 50 limit. I was fined 25 on the spot. This 25 was our petrol money which meant that we could not afford enough petrol to see the whole of the Dalyan area. If visiting this area beware of speed traps as they appear to target hire cars only.

We therefore, drove around Koycegiz Golu, passing through the village of Hamit which is desribed as a good area for Smyrna Kingfisher by Green and Moorhouse. We found no Kingfishers in this area. We did hear a Smyrna Kingfisher round the far side of the lake heading towards the Sultan Palas Hotel. The only other bird of real interest was a Honey Buzzard seen circling over the road along the eastern edge of the lake.
Dalyan Delta The whole area looked worthwhile exploring. Unfortunately thanks to the local police we could not afford the petrol to do so.

The only bird of note seen en route was a Rose-coloured Starling.

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