Chorao Island

Chorao Island Shrimp Ponds Little Heron I visited Chorao Island just the once. We didn't take the taxi onto the island and just birded the area to the right of the landing stage of the ferry, which was good for waders at high tide. My first Pallid Harrier was viewed sweeping over the marshy fields behind the muddy wader scrapes observed from the riverbank. Other birds included Stork-billed Kingfisher and a flock of Whimbrel along the river. From the ferry landing stage we walked up the road to some shrimp ponds where Tiger Prawns are farmed.
These were full of water and may be better for birds when drier. However, Abhi said that Great Thick Knee was a possibility here. None were seen but several Curlew and a Little Heron were in the area.
An Adult White-bellied Sea Eagle was seen well perched on a post from the ferry on returning from the island. On leaving Chorao Island we visited Panjim Saltpans. The pans were full of water, as they were not currently being used and therefore were tidal and not much good for birding. A selection of common waders was seen along with large numbers of Black and Brahminy Kites overhead. I would not recommend this site unless the pools have been made into saltpans.

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