Canary Islands: Tenerife and Fuerteventura Trip List

Cory’s Shearwater:   Common offshore on Tenerife.
Little Shearwater:   Two birds from the La Gomera ferry and two offshore near Garachica Rock.
Manx Shearwater:   2 birds from the La Gomera ferry.
Balearic Shearwater:   Around 20 seen from the La Gomera ferry.
Little Egret:   A group of 5 at La Tabona reservoir and one over the sea near Los Christianos on Tenerife. Three birds on Rosa de Catalina Garcia reservoir on Fuerteventura.
Grey Heron:   Six birds at Los Realejos reservoir and three at La Tabona reservoir on Tenerife.
Spoonbill:   A single bird at Rosa de Catalina Garcia Reservoir.
Ruddy Shelduck:   Around 60 birds at Los Molinos reservoir and a pair on Rosa de Catalina Garcia reservoir.
Chinese Spot Bill:   One bird of unsure origin feeding on Rosa de Catalina Garcia reservoir. The bird was un-ringed and obviously able to fly.
Egyptian Vulture:   Two birds over the plains near the Barranco de Torre on Fuerteventura.
Griffon Vulture:   Escaped bird with Jesses over Los Christianos.
Sparrowhawk:   One bird over the Laurel Forest at Chanajiga and a second over farmland close to Los Rodeos airport.
Buzzard:   The second commonest raptor seen on several days in numbers up to 7 or 8 on Tenerife and Fuerteventura.
Kestrel:   An extremely common bird seen almost daily on Tenerife and Fuerteventura.
Barbary Falcon:   A pair at Punta de Teno, three birds at the Barranco del Infierno on Tenerife and a single bird at El Cotillo on Fuerteventura.
Barbary Partridge:   Close views of a single bird at Embalse de Ciguana and several birds calling from the hillsides of the Barranco del Infierno on Tenerife. Two birds seen around Las Penitas reservoir plus others calling and three at Los Negrines on Fuerteventura.
Moorhen:   Several birds on the small lake at Golf del Sur on Tenerife plus at least 20 birds on Rosa de Catalina Garcia reservoir on Fuerteventura.
Coot:   Found on many reservoirs still containing water, such as Los Realejos on Tenerife and Los Molinos and Rosa de Catalina Garcia reservoir on Fuerteventura.
Houbara Bustard:   One bird feeding at Los Negrines near La Oliva and one on the Plains near Las Canadas on Fuerteventura.
Stone Curlew:   Three birds on the Plains at Las Canadas.
Black Winged Stilt:   Several birds feeding at Rosa de Catalina Garcia reservoir.
Cream Coloured Courser:   A pair and a group of 12 birds on the plains at Las Canadas plus a pair on a driveway of a house close to the Barranco de Torre.
Ringed Plover:   A few birds on the lagoon at la Mareta near Las Galletas on Tenerife and a single bird on the shore at the Salinas del Carmen on Fuerteventura.
Grey Plover:   Two on the rocky shoreline at the Salinas del Carmen.
Turnstone:   Several birds on rocky shores at Los Christianos and El Medano on Tenerife and more on the shore at the Salinas del Carmen on Fuerteventura.
Sanderling:   Several viewed at close quarters on the lagoon at La Mareta and one at the Salinas del Carmen.
Dunlin:   A handful at La Mareta.
Curlew:   A single bird seen only at Golf del Sur.
Whimbrel:   One on Golf del Sur, one at La Mareta panting in the dunes and one at El Medano.
Greenshank:   A single bird on two occasions on the small reservoir near Amarilla Golf.
Common Sandpiper:   A few birds on small reservoirs and lakes such as Golf del Sur and a group of six at the Salinas del Carmen on the shore.
Pomarine Skua:   One juvenile bird seen from the La Gomera ferry.
Yellow Legged Gull:   Common, seen daily.
Caspian Gull:   One associating with the Yellow Legged Gulls in the bay at Las Galletas.
Lesser Black Backed Gull:   One in the harbour and beach area at Las Galletas and another at Punta del Hidalgo.
Sandwich Tern:   Two fishing offshore at the Salinas del Carmen.
Black Bellied Sandgrouse:   A group of four birds on the plains at Las Canadas.
Rock Dove:   Some birds resembling true Rock Doves around coastal cliffs and Barrancos plus many feral pigeons on farmland and on the beaches.
Collared Dove:   Seen Daily.
Barbary Dove:   Definitely identified at Golf del Sur and near the beach at Playa de las Americas.
Turtle Dove:   One bird seen at Chanajiga.
Laughing Dove:   A pair viewed in flight at Las Penitas Reservoir.
Bolle’s Pigeon:   Up to 30 or more birds in flight above the Laurel Forests at Chanajiga.
White Tailed Laurel Pigeon:   A group of five viewed well in flight at Chanajiga.
Monk Parakeet:   A noisy group of birds at Ten Bel.
Pallid Swift:   One at Punta del Hidalgo, two or three over Erjos ponds and several at various locations en route on Fuerteventura.
Plain Swift:   Seen almost daily on both islands.
Bee-Eater:   One bird feeding along the road above Las Penitas reservoir.
Hoopoe:   Fairly common with the best views observed on the green near the clubhouse at Amarilla Golf.
Great Spotted Woodpecker:   Seen only at Las Lajas picnic site on Tenerife at extremely close quarters.
Lesser Short Toed Lark:   An extremely difficult bird to find. This bird was not as abundant as stated in trip reports and guidebooks. We saw this bird only on Fuerteventura with 5 at La Oliva and around 8 on the plains near Las Canadas.
Sand Martin:   A lone bird hawking over the reservoir at Rosa de Catalina Garcia.
Berthelot’s Pipit:   The commonest bird seen almost everywhere.
White Wagtail:   A single bird in flight over the small water tank in Adeje close to the start of the track up the Barranco del Infierno.
Grey Wagtail:  A pair around the reservoir near Amarilla Golf, a pair at Golf del Sur and a pair at the waterfall end of the Barranco del Infierno.
Robin:   Good views of the island race at Chanajiga with occasional birds seen elsewhere.
Fuerteventura Chat:   One bird seen in the hills above Las Penitas reservoir and up to eight birds at La Oliva.
Desert Wheatear:   One bird at the roadside near Rosa de Catalina Garcia on Fuerteventura.
Blackbird:   Fairly common with sufficient vegetation on Tenerife.
Spectacled Warbler:   Initially seen on Guaza Mountain with further sightings at Amarilla Golf, Barranco del Infierno and Las Penitas reservoir.
Blackcap:   Birds seen at Ten Bel, Barranco del Infierno and Chanajiga.
Sardinian Warbler:   Seen initially at Punta del Hidalgo, then at Barranco del Infierno and Erjos ponds.
Willow Warbler:   Around seven birds in small trees at Los Negrines and one in stunted trees at Los Molinos reservoir.
Chiffchaff:   A single migrant with Willow Warblers at Los Negrines.
Canary Islands Chiffchaff:   Extremely common, seen daily including in the hotel grounds.
Tenerife Kinglet:   Good views at Chanajiga near the car park.
Pied Flycatcher:   One bird at Los Negrines with other migrants and one in Tamarisks at Las Penitas reservoir.
Spotted Flycatcher:   A single bird at Los Negrines.
African Blue Tit:   Birds were seen well at Chanajiga, Barranco del Infierno and at Las Lajas on Tenerife, whilst good views were had at Las Penitas reservoir on Fuerteventura.
Southern Grey Shrike:   Fairly common on both islands with many sightings.
Raven:   Fairly common especially on Fuerteventura.
Brown Necked Raven:   A pair identified near to Los Molinos reservoir.
Spanish Sparrow:   Another very common bird, seen everywhere.
Blue Chaffinch:   Fantastic views of this bird at Las Lajas picnic site. We did not look elsewhere.
Chaffinch:   Only seen around farmland near Chanajiga.
Canary:   An easy bird to find seen regularly.
Greenfinch:   Seen and heard below the Laurel forests at Chanajiga.
Goldfinch:   A small flock of birds were coming to drink from the trickle of water in the Barranco at Las Penitas reservoir.
Linnet:   Five birds seen at the Barranco del Infierno on Tenerife and two at El Cotillo on Fuerteventura.
Trumpeter Finch:   Four or five birds were our first at Los Negrines but better views were obtained at the Barranco de Torre. None were seen on Tenerife despite a long search on Guaza Mountain.


Clouded Yellow
Small White
Bath White
Canary Islands Speckled Wood
Canary Blue
Long Tailed Blue
African Grass Blue
Indian Red Admiral


Lesser Emperor
Vagrant Emperor
Scarlet Darter
Red Veined Darter
Island Darter
Red Veined Dropwing
Epaulet Skimmer


Short Finned Pilot Whale
Bottlenose Dolphin
Roughtooth Dolphin
Algerian Hedgehog (road casualty)
Barbary Ground Squirrel

Reptiles & Amphibians

Tenerife Lizard
Atlantic Lizard (Fuerteventura)
Stripeless Tree Frog (Tadpoles)

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