Central American Trip Reports

Costa Rica:
Reports of two independent trips of three weeks each. The first in August 1989, on which 244 species were recorded, was a two-centre birding holiday to Selva Verde in the Caribbean lowlands and Tuis in the pre-montane zone with day trips to the Central Highlands.
The second in August 1999, with 364 species recorded, also included Tiskita on the south Pacific coast, Solimar in the north west, Monteverde and Tortuguero on the Caribbean coast. 24 species of mammals were also seen on the two trips.     B Wetton.

Trinidad and Tobago:
Brian and Pat Wetton visited Trinidad and Tobago with Birdfinders in April 2007. They saw 234 species and heard another two; this was a record for a Birdfinders tour.
Brian Wetton and Pat Wetton

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico:
Brian and Pat Wetton joined the Bird Holidays trip in 2014 to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It was lead by John McLoughlin. Brian and Pat personally saw 226 species.
Brian Wetton and Pat Wetton

Brian and Pat Wetton went on the Bird Holidays trip to Panama in March 2016.
The leaders were John McLoughlin and Euclides (Kilo) Campos and the other participants were Craig Thomas, Moira Brett, Sue Cable and Philip & Frances Skinner. They recorded 447 species including 49 “lifers”.
Brian Wetton and Pat Wetton