The Bocquer Valley

Bocquer Valley Map After parking on the gravelled area walk up the track towards the finca past olive groves to your left. Check these out for Hoopoe, Warblers, Chats and Flycatchers. On reaching the finca you will find a closed iron gate. Pass through this gate ensuring it is closed afterwards. The track leads across the courtyard of the finca which is inhabited so please pass through as quickly as possible. At the end of the courtyard pass through a second gate, again closing it afterwards. There is usually a dog at the other side of the gate, but it is chained up and we found it to be asleep on each of our visits. Head up the track towards two large stones. Pass between these stones to enter the valley.
The area surrounding the valley is becoming more urbanised due to new apartment blocks being built, but the valley itself is pretty much undisturbed. On the two occasions we walked up the valley the scrubland along the valley sides produced species such as Crag Martin, Flycatchers, Chats and one or two singing Blue Rock Thrush. Warblers were evident in large numbers, however you will find that on approaching, every warbler on seeing someone wielding a pair of bins or a scope will dive into the middle of the nearest bush. This can prove very infuriating. After watching several Sardinian Warblers I was lucky enough to spot a Marmora's Warbler briefly before it disappeared into a bush.
On our second visit we took a walk to the beach along the Boquer valley. The beach here is very dirty and uncomfortable. The day was spent searching for Egyptian Vultures which are often seen in the area. Unfortunately we had no luck.
The Bocquer valley is best visited early in the morning or in the evening. I preferred the evening as there was less human disturbance.

Bocquer Finca                          Bocquer Valley

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