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Attenborough Nature Reserve

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Birds |         

Click on the link opposite to read a report by Chris Mills "A Guide to Birdwatching at Attenborough Nature Reserve; What, Where and When"?

This report leads to a systematic list of all of the birds that have been recorded at Attenborough, showing the status of each species on the Nature Reserve.

& Moths

Click on the link opposite to find out which species of butterflies can be seen at Attenborough Nature Reserve.
Further links show photographs and information on each species of butterfly that we find at Attenborough.

This section also includes a list of the macro moth species to be found on the reserve.

Hoverflies |          

This link takes you to a page dedicated to the Hoverflies to be found on the reserve.

Here you will find a general introduction to Hoverflies, followed by more detailed information on each of the genera to be found on the reserve including the names of all the species it is possible to see.
Some photographs of the Hoverflies are included in this section.

& Damselflies

This link initially takes you to a page showing lists of dragonflies and damselflies to be found on the reserve.

By clicking on the names in the tables you will be taken to an individual account of each of the species.

Photographs are included for most of these species.

Mammals |         

The link opposite takes you to a list of mammals that has been compiled from records over the past 20 years and gives a brief account of the abundance of each species.

Mammal records have declined over recent years. Therefore any mammal sightings should be sent to Pete Sadler (see contacts page) and will be greatly appreciated.

Plants |         

By clicking on this link you will be transported to a page that gives a brief description of the habitats of the reserve and the types of plants likely to be found in these habitats.

A further link will then take you to a systematic list of all plant species recorded on the reserve since 1966.
This systematic list is split into dicotyledons and monocotyledons.

Photo Gallery |       

This link will take you to the photo gallery which contains a separate gallery for Attenborough Nature Reserve.

Clicking on the Attenborough Gallery will give the option to view eight separate albums for different months of the year, showing scenes and wildlife throughout the seasons.

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