Trip Reports from Asia

Two independent five week trips (August 1990 & August 1993) to Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah between them covering Danum Valley, Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary, Poring Hot Springs, Mount Kinabalu, Niah Caves, Bako National Park and other sites. A total of 268 species were recorded and 36 mammals also. B Wetton

A fifteen-day trip in April 1998 , including a ten-day "990 package" with Naturetrek. In the first five days we visited Phulchowki, Nagajung and Sivapuri whilst on the "package" we were joined by one other person for trips to Chitwan and Koshi in the lowland terai. A total of 331 species were recorded.
B Wetton

A list of birds recorded in Thailand between 17th and 27th February 2001.
A total of 314 species recorded
Tony Critchley & John Szczur

North East China:
A Sunbirder trip to Beidaihe in May 2001. A total of 226 species recorded
B Wetton

A 14 day birdwatching trip to Thailand in February 2002 led by Kamol Komolphalin.
A personal total of 305 species recorded
B Wetton P Wetton K Corbett and J Wightman

Sri Lanka:
A three week guided birdwatching holiday in Sri Lanka in November 2002.
A personal total of 255 species recorded
B Wetton P Wetton and K Corbett

A three week birdwatching holiday in Goa in November 2002.
A personal total of 302 species recorded
P Wetton

North India:
In January and February 2004 Brian and Pat Wetton combined a visit to meet their son Ian with a birding holiday in Northern India. Using Asian Adventures to book their accommodation and transport and to provide a bird guide for the Himalayan part of the itinerary.
A total of 377 species recorded
B Wetton and P Wetton

In March - April 2012 Brian and Pat Wetton went to Bhutan. Organised by Birdfinders, the tour was led by Chubzang Tangbi of Langur Ecotravel. He was a very good leader and birder and he and his team of driver (Depak), cook (Ilu) and camp crew (Rinzin, Sonam and Garitamgmy) provided excellent logistical support. The nine nights in hotels were of a good comfortable standard and the seven nights camping provided comfortable tents, campbeds, sleeping bags, camp fires and hot water bottles when necessary, and a very ample kitchen offering tasty food in camp and in the field during birding. The accompanying birders were Bob and Sue Ennis from British Colombia, Jim Hays from Arizona, and Brits Tim Key and Trevor Weston. It was a nice size group and the camaraderie was excellent.
A total of 268 species recorded (including 11 heard only)
B Wetton and P Wetton

Cambodia & Vietnam:
Brian and Pat Wetton joined the Birdwatching Breaks group to Cambodia and Vietnam in February- March 2013. The group was very ably led by Chris Bradshaw with four other participants. The Sam Veasna Centre also provided a good bird guide, Mony, for the Cambodian section.
A total of 324 species of birds were recorded by Brian & Pat (of which 310 were seen)
B Wetton and P Wetton