Akseki - Woodland clearing We visited Akseki on two separate occasions, the 4 June and the 7 June, mainly because it was the closest site of interest to where we were staying. It was approximately 1 hours travelling from Side, taking the main 400 route along the coast prior to turning left onto route 695. Akseki is signed from this route.
We visited the walled plantation and site 3 as shown in Gosneys Guide. Both were easily found following the instructions.
Site 4 is now difficult to find as a new road has been laid. However, by travelling approximately 2.6 Km and parking, this site can be found. Whilst heading towards site 3 make sure you wind up your windows after leaving Akseki village as the local dump is now situated either side of the old road and smells extremely unpleasant. The restaurant opposite the turn for the walled plantation is now not called the Damla, although I do not remember the new name. An area close to the plantation appears to have been gravelled, which may be an ominous sign. However, there was no evidence of any building work during our visit.

Site 3
The road from Akseki to this site is extremely pot holed but is drivable with care. From the road check for Blue Rock Thrush and Black-eared Wheatear. The woods higher up the road are beautiful and will be of interest to botanists and those who are keen on insects especially butterflies, as well as birders.
On our first visit to the woods we did not see a single woodpecker. We did see Redstart (eastern race), Woodlark, Serin, Crossbill, Short-toed Treecreeper and several Krupers Nuthatch.
Akseki - Wooded mountainside We followed the new road towards Site 4, which we did not find. However, along the road were Red-backed Shrike and Lesser Grey Shrike on wires to the right of the road. Our second visit to the woods above Akseki (site 3) was more successful as far as finding woodpeckers. We heard and eventually saw a Grey-headed Woodpecker which flew across the clearing furthest from the road. Whilst sitting on the hillside above this clearing we heard White-backed Woodpecker drumming high up in the woods. We waited for 2-3 hours and after giving up hope left the site. However, just after leaving the clearing we managed a view of a White-backed Woodpecker flying across in front of some trees.
Walled Plantation
We parked on the large gravelled area close to the plantation. Other than a Syrian Woodpecker there was very little in the plantation. We walked down a road which joined the main road from the left. In the scrub along this road were Rupell's Warbler and Cretzschmars Bunting. Later in the evening the scrub either side of the main road down to the plantation contained many warblers including two singing male Rupell's Warblers. We only visited the plantation once.

En Route Shortly after turning onto the 695 road we stopped in a lay-by next to a river just before a bridge. Here we saw several interesting species including Little Egret, White Stork, Alpine Swift, Crag Martin, Crested Lark, Red-rumped Swallow, Rufous Bushchat, Cetti's Warbler, Great Reed Warbler, Olivaceous Warbler and Black-headed Bunting.
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