African Trip Reports

A three week trip in August 1996 with Naturetrek covering the Masai Mara, Rift Valley lakes north to Baringo, Samburu, Mount Kenya, Amboseli, Tsavo and coastal creeks and forests including Arabuko-Sokoke. 425 species of birds and 53 of mammals were recorded.    B Wetton

A four week independent trip in August 1991 including, Waterberg Plateau, Etosha and the Skeleton Coast National Parks plus the Namib Desert, Luderitz, Fish River Canyon and other areas.
229 species were recorded as well as 36 species of mammals.    B Wetton

A 12 day tour to Gambia in November 2001 with Naturetrek .
280 species were recorded B Wetton

Brian and Pat Wetton went to Morocco on a Birdfinders holiday in February 2005. The leader was Peter Lansdown, a good ornithologist , careful organiser and good companion. Our fellow birders were Bernie Forbes, Jim Weston, Mike Welcome, Ian Dearing, Trevor Davies, Barry Shaw, Terry Thomas and David Harris. They included some keen and experienced birders and all were enthusiastic to see as many birds as possible. The group therefore saw 198 species beating the previous record of 192.
Individually we saw 196, missing out only on Jackdaw and Dartford Warbler. We also saw 6 mammal species. It was an excellent trip in all respects if you want to see all the specialities that Morocco offers and you don't mind long journeys.

Brian and Pat Wetton visited Ethiopia with Birdfinders and leaders Solomon Berhe and Vaughan Ashby from 25th October to 15th November 2006. In 20 days birdwatching they saw 461 species.

Brian and Pat Wetton joined the Zoothera trip to Madagascar in September 2013. The trip was ably led by Adam and Vicki Kennedy and well organised by Zoothera and their local agent Tiana.
We were not always as impressed with the methods of some local guides when they acted more like beaters than birders.
187 species of birds were recorded, of which some 128 were endemic, and many other creatures were enjoyed including 23 species of lemurs.

Brian and Pat Wetton joined the Sunbird tour to Ghana in November 2016. It was led by James Lidster, who had been assistant leader on our China trip in 2001, and Victor Owusu of Ashanti Tours. Other participants were Martyn Hnatiuk, Evan Salholm, Stuart Thomson, Lorna Whitworth and Maryann and Jeff Williams. We personally recorded 355 species of which 141 were “lifers”.

South Africa:
Brian and Pat Wetton joined the Birdfinders trip to Eastern South Africa in January 2020. Birding Africa were the local agents and their guide/driver for the trip was Vince Ward. He replaced Joe Grosel, the normal leader, due to Joe being ill.
Vince was a good and energetic leader and was aided by local guides at various locations: Stuart McLean and Aldo Berruti at Sani Pass; Junior Gabela at Dlinza Forest; Lucky Ngwenya at Wakkerstroom; and the recovered Joe Grosel at Polokwane.
Fellow birders were old friends Dave and Kay Ryves plus James and Angela Ferguson, Michael Fallon and Michael Webber.

Brian and Pat personally recorded 376 species of birds of which 100 were new. They also saw 36 mammal species.